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After drawing Shishio I thought I’d draw the blushie Mamura too :D

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Shishio sensei from Hirunaka no Ryuusei <3

I wanted to experiment and test out a new style heavily influenced by loish, and Shishio fan art was long overdue so now was a better time than any lol

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Process of Harmony.

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New personal piece I worked on in between commissions because I needed to do something for myself. More info on my deviantART.

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WIP/Preview of something I’ve been working on in between commissions (along with PLAGE and my Aneki projects orz)

Stay tuned yo

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AnekiPrologue, p.1

AND THUS BEGINS MY GRAPHIC NOVEL :D Completely stepping out of my comfort zone with this one, I’ve been feeling really bold and ambitious since I started PLAGE, and I wanted to try my hand at comics, since I love to write and I wanted to take a jab at visual storytelling… also I need something to self discipline myself into actually finishing things I start!

And the adventure of a thief, Aneki, and her borderline cripple brother Kol begins!!

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Process of “Aneki" from yesterday

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My big sister feels are getting to me now that my camp counseling job is ending, so I wanted to draw something a bit more meaningful and focused on siblings… but still kind of fantasy and edgy.

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Me and animating have a love-hate relationship

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PLAGE - mini trailer

I threw together this lame little trailer to put up on my facebook page as proof that I am indeed still working on this animation in case people forgot about it

More info about “PLAGE” here.

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