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For the Future

I would not be over exaggerating if I said that the more I worked on this the sadder I became. I’ve been listening to character songs and the OST from Free! all day and I’m overwhelmed with nostalgia and feels. I could not have wanted a more BEAUTIFUL ending to an amazing anime :)

I wish I could have polished this up and finalize it more, but I genuinely cannot do it right now. I don’t know the last time (or if ever) an anime or show in general has moved me like Free! has, it was all so very relatable and very real to me, and I loved every moment of it. I’m so glad I took a chance on this show.

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Oh my word it has been a while.

Here’s my latest project: I am self-publishing a graphic novel (of sorts)! Featuring 8x11 inches of photography and digital illustration woven together to tell a story about a graffiti artist struggling for freedom in a world of conformity. Can’t give too many details, but stay tuned :)

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After drawing Shishio I thought I’d draw the blushie Mamura too :D

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Shishio sensei from Hirunaka no Ryuusei <3

I wanted to experiment and test out a new style heavily influenced by loish, and Shishio fan art was long overdue so now was a better time than any lol

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Process of Harmony.

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New personal piece I worked on in between commissions because I needed to do something for myself. More info on my deviantART.

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WIP/Preview of something I’ve been working on in between commissions (along with PLAGE and my Aneki projects orz)

Stay tuned yo

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AnekiPrologue, p.1

AND THUS BEGINS MY GRAPHIC NOVEL :D Completely stepping out of my comfort zone with this one, I’ve been feeling really bold and ambitious since I started PLAGE, and I wanted to try my hand at comics, since I love to write and I wanted to take a jab at visual storytelling… also I need something to self discipline myself into actually finishing things I start!

And the adventure of a thief, Aneki, and her borderline cripple brother Kol begins!!

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Process of “Aneki" from yesterday

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My big sister feels are getting to me now that my camp counseling job is ending, so I wanted to draw something a bit more meaningful and focused on siblings… but still kind of fantasy and edgy.

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