Speedpaint and WIP of a larger piece, which will be one of my IB Art projects.

Assassin" (color + black & white)

Unknown archer trying to go for a cheap kill shot to the back VS. my badass dagger-ready OC Helene.

I wanted to try working in black and white first and then putting color over it because it’s easier to create an atmosphere without worrying about how the colors look and such.

A small doodle I wanted to do by Valentine’s Day but didn’t have the timeeeee D:

I has some WIPs (and introducing my OC Kristoff) :3

More PLAGE concepts :D

I can’t wait to start animating ~


For my secret valentine isnowfairy on deviantART. Secret Cupid was a very fun event and I’m grateful I was invited to join! Happy Valentine’s Day (or if you’re single like me and spending today with your single girl friends then Happy Galentine’s Day! *laughing and crying all at once*)

Process animation if you care:

"PLAGE" concepts

I’m really excited to announce a new short film I am working on for an IB Art project in school (and for fun). It’ll be an animation set to the song "Plage" by Crystal Fighters, it is a light-hearted story but bittersweet once you understand the sad concept beneath. 

I am completely changing up my style for this, as I am drawing this animation frame by frame it will be more practical for me to use harder, geometric lines, and cell shading. 




A glorious fuck-ton of perspective angle references (per request).

[From various sources.]


There’s zero way I’m not reblogging this

i need this in my life

So I took a break from headshot commissions to draw a headshot… I make sense.

Time to finally introduce my Fahris!! I’m trying out a new way of portrait painting with different brushes and a different approach. Fahris is a tragic and conflicted young lord who has confusing feelings about his best friend Darius ;) 

Happy birthday Rin!! ♥