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Process of Harmony.

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New personal piece I worked on in between commissions because I needed to do something for myself. More info on my deviantART.

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WIP/Preview of something I’ve been working on in between commissions (along with PLAGE and my Aneki projects orz)

Stay tuned yo

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AnekiPrologue, p.1

AND THUS BEGINS MY GRAPHIC NOVEL :D Completely stepping out of my comfort zone with this one, I’ve been feeling really bold and ambitious since I started PLAGE, and I wanted to try my hand at comics, since I love to write and I wanted to take a jab at visual storytelling… also I need something to self discipline myself into actually finishing things I start!

And the adventure of a thief, Aneki, and her borderline cripple brother Kol begins!!

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Process of “Aneki" from yesterday

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My big sister feels are getting to me now that my camp counseling job is ending, so I wanted to draw something a bit more meaningful and focused on siblings… but still kind of fantasy and edgy.

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Me and animating have a love-hate relationship

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PLAGE - mini trailer

I threw together this lame little trailer to put up on my facebook page as proof that I am indeed still working on this animation in case people forgot about it

More info about “PLAGE” here.

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I started this when school ended, as it dawned on me that I was now going to be a senior in high school. I’m going to be 18 soon. I’m going to be graduating this year. It’s all so surreal and scary but exhilarating at the same time. To pay homage to the ups and downs school has brought me, I drew this with the concept in mind of don’t let your dreams get away from you, as we’ve come this far and high school has steered us on our paths, and the rest is up to us now.

Worked real hard on this one, thanks for viewing.

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WIP’ing it

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